A Good Way to Blow It with Someone You Really Like



From: (---------------------------)
To: (---------------------------------)
Date received: (---------------------)
Subject: can you blame me for wanting you?

how are you?! I wanted to say hello and tell you how devastatingly heartachingly beautiful you are, and very interesting as well.....as long as you are still available for dating and maybe even marriage, feel free to call my cell ------------------ so as to help me expedite the process of courting you..
we could chat over the phone and maybe meet to see if there is a mutual attraction, physically and otherwise, and if there is, we can then proceed accordingly, like maybe I can try to get a kiss after singing you a song and tugging at your heartstrings...sound like a plan?
..I don't have all the answers..I have a few suggestions, ;)..
..and lastly, can a guy look at that pretty face and not fall in love?

your humble suitor,

This message, on it’s face, may sound perfectly normal and even sweet. Under the hood a closer look reveals a man that seems to be pining for attention and validation. Even if he’s not, this message could easily be misconstrued in this way. But seriously, who pours it on this thick during their very first interaction with another person? At best this would come across as one long, run-on pick up line.

The thought process goes something like: “If I compliment her well enough then she’ll accept my advances because flattery is what a woman wants.” Well, no actually. Women sure don’t mind flattery, but they ultimately want it to be authentic flattery that is not just some superficial attempt at courtship. They want that flattery to grow out of having some unique insight into who they really are. 

In fact most nice guys try to speak to people by telling them what they think the other person wants to hear instead of just talking to them. This is a very common way nice guys try to interact with others, and in the context of dating it often results in nice guys being overly flattering. This is a dynamic often referred to as people pleasing. Saying what others want to hear may be good at assuaging an agitated boss and keeping your job, but it can undermine attraction in the short-term and be an intimacy killer in the long-term.

The worst part about people pleasing is that eventually it cannot sustain itself. Even if it somehow does lead you into a relationship, over time it will wear on you and thus on the relationship. Healthy relationships require honesty and open communication, and people pleasing is actually dishonest. Some people have taken on the nice guy persona so much that they are not even aware they are not being honest, and have even convinced themselves that giving others what they want is the right thing to do, even if it is at their own expense. The nice guy dynamic leads to a relationship's demise because if you are a nice guy either you will grow resentful of giving up your own needs, or your partner will lose respect for you because they sense you're lacking in the self-respect department. 

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